My Favorite Booklet as a Child: Bea’s Doll

De pop van Bea - booklet in Dutch about a bunny named Bea

There are actually three childhood books that have always stuck with me. One of them, I sadly can’t remember much more than it being about bunnies. Perhaps about bunnies in the snow, but I really don’t remember. Then there was a book called “My Darling Kitten”. I would love to read it again one day. But my number one favorite is this small booklet about Bea’s Doll, “De pop van Bea”, in Dutch. Bea is a lovely female rabbit who has a doll. She bathes the doll, dresses the doll, goes to walk with the doll. The booklet has thick pages. It’s a short story, but it rhymes. I read it so often, I still remember the exact text.

Bea's doll, a story about a bunny and her doll

It starts with Bea bathing her doll. Then she dresses it up and puts clothes on. Next, she has breakfast with her doll. After that, she goes for a walk with it. There may be another section after this, but the next thing I know, Bea goes to sleep (in a beautiful blue nighty, by the way!) and her doll is no longer a ‘baby’ but just a cuddly toy that she takes to bed with her.

Bea and her doll, Dutch children's book

Bea’s doll: text in Dutch

This is the text of the booklet, for as far as I remember.

De pop van Bea gaat in bad
Van top tot teen wordt ze nat

Haren kammen, kleren aan
Zo, dat heeft ze snel gedaan!

En dan is het tijd
voor een lekker ontbijt

Jasje aan, mutsje op
Bea gaat wandelen met haar pop

‘s Avonds is pop geen baby meer
maar gewoon een fijne knuffelbeer

Bea’s doll takes a bath
She becomes wet from head to toe

Brush her hair, put on clothes
She did that quickly!

And then it’s time
for a tasty breakfast

Put on a jacket and a hood
Bea takes her doll for a walk

At night, dolly is no longer a baby
but simply a cozy cuddly toy

I Love Bunnies

I absolutely love bunnies. Bunnies were my favorite animals as a child, and I still love bunnies. I’m not sure why exactly bunnies became my favorite animal, but it may have to do with the Toei Animation 80s anime called Maple Town. The animation of the characters of Maple Town is beautiful, and of course I love pink and the main character is wearing a pink dress, so… just like Bea!

Oh, and I also enjoyed reading books of Peter Rabbit as a kid. ^_^

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