My Favorite Kawaii Art of 2023

Despite 2023 having been one hecc of a year, I was able to produce quite a bit of art! In this post, I want to share with you my personal favorite kawaii art that I made in 2023. ^_^

Gemstone Meepie

This cute kitty holds a special place in my heart. ^_^ I call it: gemstone Meepie. It’s kawaii art of a 3D model of a round shaped kitty made in Blender. The kitty has gemstones embedded into its body. I’m still considering a story to go along with this little creature!

Contest Entry for Kyanite Dawn

I spent well over two full weeks on this drawing. It had been quite some time since drawing a full body anime girl, and I was looking to practice with a design that I loved. So I chose Kyanite Dawn. Since there was a contest ongoing, I decided to submit it as well. Unfortunately, it received little more than ‘it’s giving Winx club and that’s so not me’ during the live review session of all art submissions and was quickly brushed off. Sucks for me but hey, I am proud of what I was able to create and the amount of detail I was able to put into it!

Kawaii Kitty Adopts

In 2023, I decided to make some adoptables! These seven kawaii kitty adoptables are available via my Ko-Fi page. They are currently priced at 15 USD each – I know that may sound like a lot for “just an image”, but you get full rights to use your purchased kitty design as you wish! Plus, I did spend around an hour per design, so I do think it’s a fair pay for an adoptable. Having said that, I may discount them in the future. For now, I enjoy them sitting pretty in my shop. >:3

Thank you for checking my kawaii art!

I hope to have the opportunity to draw a lot more kawaii art in 2024. I have a lot of ideas in mind and also a lot of open projects. Stay tuned for more cute art from me!

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