My Trip to Hoek van Holland Beach

Hoek van Holland Strand, Hook of Holland Beach the Netherlands

On Friday, September 3rd, I decided to take a little trip to a beach I hadn’t visited before: Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland, in English).

Hoek van Holland Strand ocean coastline view

I absolutely love water, so I was excited to see what the beach looks like. Upon arriving in Hoek van Holland subway station, there was a bus waiting that drives to the beach. The trip with the bus from the subway station was just 31 eurocents (29 cents on the way back).

Hoek van Holland Strand casino prizeclaw cute items

The beach was fairly clean and not too crowded when I arrived. There are several eateries and even a mini arcade/casino for children or anyone else interested in winning tickets and cute plushies. :3

Hoek van Holland Beach Seagull Statue

As a seagull lover, I was happy to see plenty of seagulls at the beach (not just this awesome seagull statue).

Hook of Holland Beach

The water looked and felt amazing. It’s a shame I only decided to go so late in the year, but if all goes well, I might be able to visit either this beach or the beach of Scheveningen next summer. :)

Hoek van Holland Strand Sea Water

Either way, I was pleasantly surprised and I’m glad to have discovered this nice and clean beach!

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