New OC: Dark Skinned Girl with Elf Ears (No Name Yet)

This is a design I’ve been thinking about for the last few months. A dark skinned girl with elf ears, white hair in twin braids and several ear piercings. Her general aesthetic is alt/gothic style with hints of kawaii, hence the sakura flowers (cherry blossoms).

She doesn’t have a name yet! I’m still thinking about that. I actually want the name to “feel right” when I’ve come up with one, so I’ve decided to post this art for now and update with a name later.

I’ll want to create a proper character sheet for her as well. On it, it will show that she wears over-knee platform boots. If she were a Pokemon trainer, her Pokemon of choice would be Eevee. ^_^

I may still change the clothing and jewelry on her. Or better yet, her clothes can change. She will always wear her white hair in twin braids.

Dark Skinned Girl with Elf Ears: WIP

Here’s a sketch of my dark skinned elf girl!

And here is a work in progress screenshot. As you can see, I use Krita for making my art. Together with a Huion Kamvas 13.

To be continued!

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