New Relaxing Mini Game: Kaomoji Screensaver

Cute mini game to play in your browser: kaomoji screensaver

Do you remember those nostalgic screensavers from back in the day? I wanted to recreate that feeling, but without the need to install anything!

Click here to immediately go to the mini game: Kaomoji Screensaver!

This little mini game is comprised of HTML and JavaScript code, and provides a relaxing screensaver like feeling with interactive elements. The screensaver displays colorful and whimsical pastel colored kaomoji (text-based emoticons) floating across a light yellow background. These kaomojis dance gracefully thanks to a subtle animation.

The interactive feature allows users to click on the floating kaomojis, causing them to burst and disappear with a gentle bubble animation. A counter in the footer keeps track of how many kaomojis have been “popped,” adding an engaging element to the screensaver.

The kaomoji mini game works on desktop as well as mobile. Thank you for checking it out and have fun playing my mini game!

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