New Scratch Post for the Backyard Cats (Photo Blog)

Here’s another update about the cats! They got a brand new scratch post that is tall enough to look outside. Even though there is a window sill, it’s smaller than the window sills in the Netherlands, so the cats are not comfortable on it. Then again, Tommy does use the window sill, but the scratch post is mainly used by Ricky.

Actually, the scratch post is mostly used by Ricky to begin with! She likes to sit on it and scratch it, Tommy only scratches it.

I’ve put Tommy on top of the scratch post, but he doesn’t use it. Come to think of it, I wonder if he ever used one of our scratch posts… He prefers hard surfaces for some reason!

Ricky also helped when putting the scratch post together. :D

Super cute cat legs!

That’s it for the update about the cats for now. They are doing fine! Yes, Ricky is still waking me up at night and in the early morning. (No more sleeping in for me!) Sometimes she wakes me up more often than other times. In fact, Tommy has started to walk over me and meow at me in the middle of the night as well. They both like to get some attention at the most inconvenient times…

As a result though, I’ve been lacking some sleep lately, but I’m sure eventually things will change. I’m positive about it.

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