P2U: Cute Chibi Fox Adoptable Base (Lineart .psd file)

Looking to make cute adoptables? Why not try out a cute fox adoptable base!

This fox base comes with several options for body markings on separate layers! You can use them as they are, mix them up or use none. Feel free to add change the fox base to your liking. Add your own markings, change the tail, add a top hat, anything you feel like!

You will download an .psd file (contained in a zip archive) for a chibi fox adoptable base (lineart file).

Download Fox Adoptable Base

You can download my fox adoptable base via my Ko-Fi Shop (1 USD) or via my DeviantART (100 points) account!

Use my base to create new fox adoptables, trade them, sell them, etc.

I only require that you credit me by linking to inspiremari.nl wherever you use it.

Thank you and have fun creating cute fox adoptables! ^_^

What is an Adoptable Base?

Adoptable bases are typically used as a starting point for creating new characters. These bases are popular in art and design communities. Artists create a character design (the base), and others can download these bases to build upon. There are paid adoptable bases and free adoptable bases. You are typically allowed to modify the adoptable base to your liking. Adding your own details, colors, and personal touches to create unique characters. All this without needing to start from scratch!

Why Use an Adoptable Base?

Using adoptable bases provides a starting point for character creation. This saves time and effort compared to starting from scratch. It’s particularly useful for those who may not be confident in their artistic abilities (in terms of creating lineart) or those seeking inspiration. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun!

The ability to make money comes in when artists create unique characters using adoptable bases and sell them to others. Always check the rules by the artist who provided you the adoptable base to make sure you are allowed to sell your creations for real life currency.

By purchasing a lineart base and customizing it, you can create your own unique characters for yourself and for your projects.

If you choose to sell your custom designs or “adoptions” to others, you will be able to generate an income from your creative work. As a result, when you buy a character design template, customize it, and sell it, you’re helping out the artist community. The original purchase supports the template creator, and when you sell your customized version, it puts money back into the creative community. It’s a way for artists to support each other financially.

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