P2U: Kawaii Adoptable Lineart (24 Possible Combinations!)

Unlock creative potential with my kawaii adoptable lineart base!!

Are you looking for a super cute animal with multiple layer combinations to choose from, to craft your own adoptables? Look no further! I’m excited to share with you my latest creation. This versatile adoptable base is a PSD file that opens the door to endless possibilities.

What you get:

3 Different Faces: Express your character’s personality with a variety of facial features.
2 Different Ears: Change up the ears to add a unique touch to your adoptables.
1 Head Floof: Add an addition floof of hair on its head.
1 Chest Floof: Add some floof to the character’s chest for some extra flair.
4 Different Tails: Choose from a selection of tails to complement your character’s style.

Total Combinations: 24!

The PDF file has each element on a separate layer, allowing you the freedom to mix and match effortlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, this P2U adoptable base is designed to spark your imagination. And I do hope you like it!

Download Kawaii Adoptable Lineart

To download the adoptable base, visit my Ko-Fi page! It’s available for just 1 USD. That’s right, just 100 cents is all I ask. I allow you to do whatever you want with it! Your support means a lot to me and the last thing I want to do is add a bunch of restrictions to the adoptable download.

After downloading the file, you can go right ahead and open it in your editor of choice. I made the lineart in Krita, but it will work in programs such as GIMP, Photoshop, SAI, Paint Tool Tool, Clip Studio Paint etc. If you have any issues with the file, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Or pay with points…

The kawaii adoptable lineart file is currently also available on my DeviantArt page for 100 points! If you don’t want to spend real money and you can spare a couple of points, you can choose to download the adoptable base via my DeviantArt account instead.

Availability and price is subject to change.

You are more than welcome to send me a link to your creations, I would be happy to see them!

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