Patty Rabbit as a ‘Real’ Bunny

Patty Rabbit from Maple Town fanart by inspiremari

This is an interpretation of the character Patty Rabbit from the 80s/90s anime Maple Town. I wanted to draw a “real bunny” that looks like Patty!

Maple Town is my favorite childhood cartoon. Well, technically it actually is an anime! Animated by Toei Animation, which you might know from popular anime series such as One Piece, Digimon, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, Maple Town is all about the life of Patty Rabbit, a rabbit living with her family in the town called Maple Town.

The colors of this 90s anime series are very soft, with pastel-like colors for the characters, clothing, houses and environment. Although based on the coloring style one could assume it is more a series for girls, I’m sure anyone can enjoy Maple Town! I was around 7 years old when I watched this cartoon, and I re-watched it as an adult in my twenties. Then, I noticed Maple Town comes with some heavy themes that I probably did not fully understand as a child. Arguments between characters and siblings are also prevalent in this 90s cartoon, and they always made me sad. Luckily, as it goes in most childhood cartoons, everything ends up alright in the end! ^_^

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