Petting Cats while Playing a Game

Cats and video games are usually not a good combination, as a lot of games are played online and can not be paused to pet your cat. Luckily I was playing an offline game called The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on the Wii U as Tommy and Ricky took turns joining me on the couch on this hot summer day. I took a couple of cute pictures of both cats and decided to share them in a blog post. ^_^

First Tommy came by for a pet. I paused my game and gave him the attention he deserves. :3

I think Tommy is a master at making funny faces. xD

Honestly, I think he can be quite photogenic too. ^_^

Then Ricky came by and hung around between the couch and the wall. She likes to squish herself in between it and loves it even more when I pet her and slap her butt. xD

Don’t mind me casually showing off my position and gear in the game. <.<

Lastly, have a close-up of Ricky’s toe beans!

Thank you for looking at my cats. ^_^

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