Pokémon: Cute Alola Raichu

Cute Pokemon Alola Raichu by inspiremari

I’ve pretty much stopped watching Pokémon around Master Quest/Advanced Generation, and sporadically pick up news via the Internet. As such, I’ve learned that there’s an alternate version of my favorite Pokémon Raichu: Alola Raichu! I love this version almost as much as I love the ‘original’ Raichu! So, I decided to draw a cute version of Alola Raichu. This doesn’t seem to be a new evolution, rather, it is a region-specific Pokémon. Alola Raichu can only be found in Alola, and all Pikachu in that region will evolve into Alola Raichu.

Sounds super cute and exciting! I would find it a very difficult decision where to evolve my Pikachu… if I was going to. x3

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