Scenic Observation Point in Ruse

Today I went for a 5 KM walk to the scenic observation point at ul. General Kutuzov in Ruse, Bulgaria.

From this high point in the city, you can see all over Ruse, the Danube river and even a part of Romania! I have never had such a view before. The sun was shining, it wasn’t cold today and not crowded either. It was a perfect time to visit this place.

Even though the hilly nature of Ruse is a bit annoying to climb, it’s totally worth it to explore the city!

Behind the scenic observation point in Ruse, you can see the TV tower of Ruse (Rousse TV Tower, a 204 meters tall structure). This tower is built on the Leventa Hill and is visible from a long distance throughout the city.

If you ever visit Ruse, do have a look at this scenic observation point!

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