Small Cat in a Small Cat Bed

Cute cat in a small ikea cat bed

We’ve had this little bed for a while now. Actually, we’ve had this bed for many years! Once purchased at a flee market for 5 euros. Over the last couple of years, I learned that this bed is quite popular with cat owners! Apparently, the bed is called “DUKTIG” and is for sale at IKEA for about 20 bucks. If you search for “ikea cat bed” on Google, you will find many cats sleeping and relaxing in such beds!

Cute cat yawning in her little IKEA bed

So I decided to bring this little wooden doll bed back down for Ricky to sleep on. And she enjoys it! She’s been sleeping in it for hours since I brought it back down and cleaned the bed linen.

Cute cat yawning in her little IKEA bed

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