Sorry for the lack of posts (I’m not doing so well)

Hey all! Just wanted to post a heads up that I won’t be posting regularly for a few days. Sadly, I’m dealing with some physical issues that cause a lot of pain and discomfort. In fact, this has been going on for at least ten days now.

I don’t really want to go into the details, but I can give you a hint: I’m afraid it might have to do with drinking the local tap water here in Bucharest, while renovations are on-going.

Pro tip: Try sticking to bottled water unless you know it’s absolutely safe to drink the tap water. Otherwise you might lose weight rapidly. <__<

The tap water here in Bucharest should be safe… albeit chlorinated. But as there is a lot of maintenance going on, perhaps I shouldn’t have had those two cups of unboiled tap water that one faithful night, after which the problems all began.

It has been an extremely difficult and painful time since then. And even scary, as some symptoms were so severe I almost had to look for a hospital to go to.

BUT… The pain is becoming less and I’m positive I will eventually be okay. Hopefully very soon. >_<

So yeah… This kinda got into the way of exploring Bucharest, and it got into the way of creating and adding content to

As soon as I’m better, I will get into it again! That’s a promise. ~_^

In the mean time, I’m mostly lying down, watching YouTube videos and enjoying the Super Mario Kart 8 Expansion Pack for the Nintendo Switch. ^^

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