Street Cats in Bulgaria: Apartment Cat (Comic)

There are many street cats in Bulgaria. From what I’ve seen here in Ruse, a lot of them are in okay or even good condition. Some others, not so much.

A lot of cats stick to a certain area where they know they can expect people to feed them and provide water for them. Around our apartment block, you can find plastic containers with water for the street cats. Locals also give them food.

But not everyone gives the cats something.

A couple of days ago, when I came back from shopping, I saw this tuxedo cat in front of our apartment entrance. I like to call this cat Apartment Cat. He or she looked a little more rugged. With a dirty coat. Always carefully looking at people, letting out a small meow to ask for something eat.

An elderly man walked past, right in between me and Apartment Cat. He was holding a bag. And as with anyone walking by, Apartment Cat gestured towards him, asking for food. The man immediately lifted his bag up in disgust, startling the cat.

The look on its face, I’ll never forget…

I found it so sad, I had to draw this. I’m not good at drawing comics, but I just needed to create this 3 panel comic to share with the world the struggles of street cats.

As for Apartment Cat, I have started giving it some food every now and then as well. Figured I’d give it some Friskies every time I leave the apartment, or when I come back. Hopefully he or she will be alright. It’s the least I can do, but it feels bad being unable to do more. Some cats simply need more help and I hope that I will be able to give help when needed. Much like this YouTuber did when he found Earina.

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