Switchable glass and foil

Office building

If you like large, open windows, you’re probably less excited about the lack of privacy that it brings. This is why there is smart glass and smart film; these innovative glass products are accessible for everyone; both for individuals (use at home) and for businesses (including office buildings).

Smart glass

Smart glass, also referred to as switchable glass, is glass that can switch from transparent to translucent when electricity is applied to it. Smart glass is therefore often controlled by means of a switch or a button; when it is pushed, the transparency of the glass changes. With smart glass, you no longer need blinds in front of your windows in your home or office!

Smart glass / switchable glass is often used for large office buildings, businesses and fancy houses. This technology is becoming cheaper as the market surrounding it evolves; smart glass is now also available for cars, showers and more.

What is smart glass?

Smart glass is a layered glass product, consisting of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) foil between two layers of glass and two conductive layers.
Thanks to the PDLC foil it is possible to change the visual aspect of the glass, switching to and from transparent and opaque to either setting, or anywhere in between. You set the transparency as you need. This way, it is completely up to you to decide how much light you want to let in your room, and with that, how much warmth. Of course, this also allows you to determine the privacy setting of your room.

There are several sizes and compositions available for smart glass, plus a choice from various colors.

Smart film

Smart film is applied to a flat glass surface; it is a self-adhesive film that is applied o the glass. The foil will change from translucent to opaque with the help of a switch. This versatile product makes it possible to adjust the light transmittance of windows; if you set it to opaque, the glass basically functions as electronic blinds, offering you all the privacy that you need.

The unique technology of smart film transform any glass product into a projection screen that can display images and videos.

Benefits of smart glass and smart film

In short, a number of benefits from both of these technologies:

  • Positive impact on the appearance of your home, business or office
  • Very durable & eco friendly
  • Reduces glare
  • Precise control over your privacy
  • Maintain an open space with natural light and views
  • Helps reduce eyestrain

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