The Fun Fair is in Town! (10 Photos)

Fun Fair in the Netherlands

I love to visit the fun fair, to see all the cute and brightly colored toys, the awesome coin pushers with their cool looking coins and prize cards, the lights and the music. It’s just too bad that the fun fair in this town is always… small. It doesn’t have many visitors coming to it, either. When I was a kid, it used to be bigger, more exciting. With many different rides and things to do. For the last ten years, it’s been downgraded to just a small fun fair with ALWAYS the same rides. They used to rotate the available rides on the fun fair.

Bumper cars at the fun fair

The most popular ride is always the bumper cars.

An empty fun fair attraction

Picture above: no one in this ride…

Spinning octopus fun fair ride

A spinning octopus ride with 8 people in it. I can’t help but think of how much electricity it costs to run these rides and then with so few people in them… oof.

Cute plushies at the fun fair

Super cute tiger plushies up for ‘grabs’! That’s German on that window sticker by the way, not Dutch. It means you get to play 4 times if you insert a 2 euro coin.

Fun fair duck fishing

Look at all these super cute plushies hanging on this duck fishing stand! If I remember correctly, it costs 5 euros to fish 12 ducks. Wanna bet your prize is a cheap plastic toy coming from somewhere under the desk? ;3

Grumpy octopus plush toy at the fun fair cranes

I think your face will look like that of the octopus after you spent 25 bucks and still didn’t get him. XD

Fun Fair in the Netherlands

Look at all those coins, right at the edge! Waiting for you to insert a coin. …And another, and another, and another. To be fair, I would consider playing the coin pusher games. It’s 5 euros for 40 coins.

Fun Fair in the Netherlands

If you win enough points, you can bring home one of those huge alpacas! O_O Only 35,000 points.

Fun Fair in the Netherlands

These cats look super cute. ^_^ It would be a lot of fun to win one.

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