The Story in Bulgaria Continues

Today was a special day in more than one ways. I picked up my Bulgarian residence permit, allowing me to stay in Bulgaria for up to 5 years! That means the story in Bulgaria continues.

This residence permit was also needed in order to purchase an actual proper internet connection – I’ve been working with prepaid mobile internet all this time. This means watching YouTube in low resolution, no Instagram reels (Instagram used a TON of MBs!), no Duolingo (what? I did one (1) lesson and used up 50 MB?!), no Nintendo Switch Online and generally being constantly careful with how much MBs I’m using every day.

Although prepaid internet is much cheaper here than in The Netherlands, I still didn’t feel like paying for ”mindless entertainment”, which is kind of what Instagram reels are… So I abstained from Instagram. For three months. Tomorrow, I should be having a “normal” internet connection again!

So, as of today, the story in Bulgaria continues. Exactly one year after my mom was put to sleep.

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