Today’s Dinner: Beef with Rice

Easy and quick beef and rice dinner photo

Let me tell you how I made today’s dinner ^_^

First, I chopped some onions. Put some coconut oil in a pan, and threw the onions in there. Then, I cut some beef into small blocks and added that to the pan with a bit of additional coconut oil. Put the flame on high.

Then I prepared some garlic and carrots. I added these after adding some (hot) water to the pan.

I then added some spices: a bay leaf, white pepper, black pepper, Himalaya salt and dried celery.

I moved the pan to a small flame and added a lid. Every now and then I check how the food is doing and add more water if necessary. I also later on added some soy sauce and a decent amount of unsalted butter.

Somewhere between 2 and 3 hours later, I will serve it on some rice that I warmed up. I also added a little bit of kurkuma (turmeric), table salt and white pepper to the rice.

Beef with carrots and rice

The result is as pictured! Very easy to make, very delicious beef with rice dish. ^_^

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