Today’s Dinner: Chicken Thighs & Vegetables

Chicken thighs starch sauce

Today I experimented with a bit of starch and oyster sauce added to my dinner. I figured chicken thigh filets would be most suitable for a dish where the meat would be submerged in a sauce.


– Onions
– Garlic
– Spanish peppers
– Bok choi
– Chestnut mushrooms
– Bean sprouts
– Spring onion
– Coconut oil
– Butter
– Soy sauce
– Oyster sauce


– Himalaya salt
– Black pepper
– Ginger powder
– Cilantro powder
– Cumin powder
– Thyme (dried)
– Celery (dried

Chicken thighs starch sauce

I fried all ingredients before adding them together, with the chicken coming in last. I think it could use a bit more spice, but I absolutely loved today’s dinner and I will make it again tomorrow! :D

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