Today’s Dinner: Doner Kebab

Broodje donor kebab with fries

Today I had a “broodje döner” (Doner Kebab on bread) for the first time. We ordered from a place we had never ordered from before, and after placing the order, I started looking up reviews. They were shocking to say the least. xD From people complaining about the delivery being more than 2 hours late(!) to someone stating it looked like the restaurant attempted to cremate the fries… we anxiously waited for our delivery. Luckily, they were only 25 minutes late and as I accepted the plastic bag with our items, I immediately felt it was still hot, thank goodness!

Broodje shoarma

Taste-wise, I would say the broodje döner was very good. I do think the döner kebab could have had a bit more flavor, but with the delicious garlic sauce I can’t complain.

Broodje donor kebab

My mom had a “broodje shoarma” (shawarma with pita bread) and we had some fries on the side. The fries were a little bit soggy, but they were very tasty in my opinion. If you can eat fries without needing a condiment, they’re good to go imo!

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