Today’s Dinner: Garlic Honey Chicken Breast

Today I experimented with ingredients that I don’t normally use. I made chicken breast with honey and chopped garlic, topped with roasted sesame seeds. I served the chicken breast pieces with rice, as I serve pretty much all my dinner with rice. ^_^

Quick overview:

– I fried the pieces of chicken breast, covered with some Himalaya salt, black and white pepper in coconut oil.

– I then created some space in the middle and fried chopped/minced (biologic) garlic cloves with unsalted butter.

– I then mixed the garlic with the rest of the chicken pieces.

– When the chicken pieces were properly cooked, I added a mixture of about 2.5 tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 tbl. spoons of vinegar and 3 tbl. spoons European honey.

– After mixing this thoroughly, I turned off the fire and mixed some roasted sesame seeds through it.

A very easy and tasty recipe. ^_^

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