Today’s Dinner: Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice

Today I made my own version of shrimp fried rice.

First, I put a couple of scoops of left over rice in a bowl, and mixed it with ginger powder, white pepper, Himalaya salt, white and black sesame seeds and eggs (both the egg white and the egg yolk).

Then I cut some onions and garlic and fried them up. When done, I added them through the rice.

Next, I fried up the shrimp in butter and coconut oil, added a bit of salt and soy sauce.

Finally I fried the rice in some coconut oil and added the fried shrimp through it.

Once finished, I put the shrimp fried rice into a small bowl and turned it upside down on a plate. The result can be seen in the photo above!

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