Today’s Dinner: Waffle World Ruse (Takeout Order)

Today (well, actually yesterday, but I was unable to connect to my own website for some mysterious reason so I couldn’t upload this blog post) I decided to try something I’ve never tried before: a waffle house! I went ahead and ordered some dinner items for takeout at Waffle World Ruse – a fast food restaurant here in Bulgaria. A burger on a waffle? Chicken fillet and cheese? Sauce and sausage? I was intrigued and decided to find out!

Waffle World Order

This is the Chef’s Waffle. A waffle of 400 grams with sausage, BBQ sauce, onion, cheese, grated cheese, pickles, special seasoning. A very interesting experience. I think it smelled a bit like pizza!

This is a chicken fillet, cheese and grated cheese katma. Bigger than I expected! Again, an interesting experience to bite into. But this one turned out to be my favorite!

In fact, it was today that I learned about katmi (plural) or katma. These are Bulgarian pancakes that are thicker than normal and stuffed with delicious fillings! I’m excited to try more katmi in the future.

Nutella waffle with banana slices. This dessert was much bigger than I thought it would be! Plus, it has a TON of Nutella on it. I’m not a fan of the banana chocolate combo so for me, I took off some of the banana slices. I could still taste their ‘juices’, but this dessert item was very tasty nonetheless.

Then I also ordered this ‘burger’. It’s a waffle burger! With sauce, tomato, pickle, green salad. The burger (patty) was absolutely delicious, but personally I prefer a regular bread bun. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a pleasure to eat it, though. Albeit a bit messy.

Value for Money?

If you’re wondering what I paid for the total order at Waffle World Ruse, you might be surprised! I think ordering items such as these would cost at least double or even triple in the West. I paid 17 euros (18 USD) for these items! That’s including delivery costs and a tip.

So would I think it’s value for money? Oh yes! I mean, I received one a half kilos worth of food. I can’t complain. The Nutella waffle seemed to have a ton of Nutella on it though. I mean, it’s a good thing I didn’t eat all of this stuff alone. I could never finish it. xD

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