Trickster Online: Gacha

Gacha is a mini game feature available both through the website and in-game, where you can collect up to 9 rares total per Gacha Town.

How to play Gacha

Playing Gacha requires Gacha Coins. One Gacha coin costs 1000 MyShop Points ($1). There are two drills to use: Basic Drill & Flicker Drill. A Basic drill consumes 1 coin per dig (2 coins in Special Town) and could drill up anything, a Flicker Drill consumes 2 coins per dig (3 coins in Special Town) and always drills up a rare item.

Various items are hidden throughout the map of the town. When you drill, you will get a treasure chest. Click on it to open it. A random item will come out of it. When you use a Basic Drill, it could be anything; Potions, an accessory, PPADs, etc. When you use a Flicker Drill, you will guaranteed get a rare item from that town.

4G Card

When you collect all 9 rares in the town, you will receive a 4G card as prize. The 4G card can be exchanged at Rosemary in Megalopolis Square.

  • 4G Card 1: Gacha Town 1 – Megalopolis
    Can be exchanged for a Sword.
  • 4G Card 2: Gacha Town 2 – Oops Wharf
    Can be exchanged for a Cane or Gun.
  • 4G Card 3: Gacha Town 3 – Rose Garden
    Can be exchanged for a Hat or Helmet.
  • 4G Card4: Gacha Town 4 – Azteca
    Can be exchanged for a Shield.
  • 4G Card 5: Special Town – Tapasco
    Can be exchanged for a Cape.
  • 4G Card Jr.: Beginner Town – Blooming Cora
    Can be exchanged for Solar Jr. Equipment.

4G Cards are tradable, however once exchanged for equipment, they can not be traded anymore.

About Trickster Online

Trickster Online was a fun, cute 2D MMORPG to play on your computer or laptop. With 8 different characters, a wide variety of skills and jobs and tons of quests, your options to enjoy this game seem almost unlimited.
Apart from the usual way of gaining experience to level up (grinding on monsters in any of the various maps available for you level, with or without party), Trickster Online also offered a tremendous amount of quests, ranging from easy to difficult to get them done, aswell as the Card Battle option and Drilling System.

Aside from leveling up, however, there were other features to this game: Card Battle (as previously mentioned), MyCamp System and Guild System.

The official servers of Trickster Online were available from 2007 - 2013. In order to play Trickster nowadays, you'd have to join a private server.

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