Trying döner kebab in Bucharest

Due to our health issues, we were unable to go outside and try different types of foods. Eventually though, we decided on trying döner kebab in Bucharest.

Being very familiar with döner food items from The Netherlands, we were curious to find out what the doner meals taste like in Bucharest!

We decided to use the Glovo app to get some food delivered to our Airbnb.

Eating out in Bucharest

For our doner kebab order in Bucharest, we decided to get a “döner plate” with chicken kebab, a döner box and a chicken cheese kebab to share.

Döner plate chicken

The döner plate was delivered in a plastic container with doner kebab and fries, a plastic container with veggies, two flat breads and two sauces. Basically a “build it yourself”. It was very satisfying and filling. The photo at the start of the blog post is how it was delivered to us.

Döner box

The chicken döner box was a one box item with the chosen sauces already mixed in. I chose garlic mayo and yogurt sauce, but I can’t say I tasted much of the garlic. Also when I order it again, I will leave out the pickles, as they were quite overwhelming in the dish.

Chicken cheese kebab

We also decided to share a “cheese bread”. I mistakenly chose pickles to be added inside, they were very overwhelming in taste. Not a bad taste, just a little too much! Also, I opted for sweet ketchup as sauce, but I would definitely choose a different sauce instead next time, such as mayonnaise (my favorite sauce).

All in all, a great deal though. I will definitely order from this place again! Thank you for reading my little food review from Romania. ^_^

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