Umi Ryuuzaki – Pixel Art Portrait

chibi pixel art headshot bust-up of umi ryuuzaki from magic knight rayearth by inspiremari

Have you ever watched Magic Knight Rayearth?! I haven’t. :( I was never able to find the anime. I did purchase part two of the OVA back in the day… but I want – and will definitely – watch the anime one day. I’ve been a fan for over 15 years now. In the time of, I was able to find and browse through tons of anime fansites, including fansites of MKR of course. I read up about the characters, saved tons of pictures, and was even able to find small videoclips of Magic Knight Rayearth. I played them in RealPlayer!

The characters of Magic Knight Rayearth are all absolutely beautiful and stunning. Well, this is of course not very surprising considering it’s an anime created by CLAMP.

Just as amazing as the character design, are the intro songs. If you haven’t checked them, I suggest you head over to youtube and type in ‘Yuzurenai Negai’ right now. This Japanese intro song is sung by Naomi Tamura – she also did the song ‘Ready Go!’ for the Pokémon anime, another amazing song. I’ll admit, though, Rika Matsumoto will always be my number one seiyuu, but now I’m starting to ramble on…

Please enjoy my pixel art headshot/bust-up of Umi Ryuuzaki, my favorite character from Magic Knight Rayearth!

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