Unboxing Strawberry Donyatsu

Strawberry Donyatsu Kawaii Donut Shaped Cat

Once upon a time, I came across a round, donut-shaped cat item on an online shop. It’s pink. It’s a cat. It’s cute. Perfect! I ordered a Strawberry Donyatsu for myself. :) It was shipped on the 26th of December and arrived today (December 31) – fast delivery!

Excited, I took lots of pictures so here’s a post dedicated to unboxing Donyatsu.

Who is Donyatsu?

Donyatsu is a kawaii Japanese manga where adorable pastry animals like Donyatsu, a cat-shaped donut, roam a post-apocalyptic world. Created by Yusuke Kozaki, the series mixes cuteness with a hint of darkness as these charming characters navigate a surreal landscape. Through their quirky adventures, Donyatsu explores themes of friendship and survival, captivating a wide audience with its unique blend of comedy and science fiction. The manga’s lovable art style and playful storytelling have led to its popularity, inspiring manga volumes, web adaptations, and merchandise. Donyatsu’s kawaii charm and imaginative premise make it a must-read, showcasing the limitless creativity that thrives in modern Japanese manga.

Photos of Strawberry Donyatsu

Here it is! Still in the packaging. Time to change that…


The packaging of Donyatsu itself is also very lovely.

Strawberry Donyatsu

All items taken out of the packaging. What do we have here? 1x Strawberry Donyatsu (with pink icing), 1x white icing, 1x pink tail, 1x white tail, 1x plate (plastic), 1x foot holder (so Donyatsu won’t fall over) and 1x instruction manual.

Strawberry Donyatsu Plate Dish

Close-up of the plate/dish/saucer.

Donyatsu Instruction Manual

Close-up of the instruction manual.

Strawberry Donyatsu

Inside the box was a background image, so here’s a picture of Donyatsu in front of it. Rawr! Donyatsu of Destruction destroying the city! O_O

Strawberry Donyatsu white icing

And finally, a picture of Strawberry Donyatsu with the white icing. Beautiful! ^_^

On the packaging of the Donyatsu figure, it says: Donyatsu Mysterious creature suddenly appeared on the earth. Special shape that ignores the theory of evolution, is it the devil’s whim or god’s mischief.

Note: Donyatsu was ordered on Dec 26, 2014. This post has been reuploaded in 2021.

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