Using a Thermal Camera on My Cats! (Photo Blog)

If you ever have the chance to use a thermal camera on your cat (probably not, those things are quite costly O_O) you should definitely not pass up the chance! I’ve used a thermal camera on my cats and want to share some pictures of what it looks like on Tommy and Ricky!

Cat looking like a turkey in this position!

The heat camera shows which parts of the cats are the hottest. Here in this picture, you can see that the ears are around 33 degrees Celsius, whereas the shoulder is about 26 degrees Celsius.

In a different setting of the thermal camera, the darker the color, the ‘warmer’ the area. In this case I took a picture of the litter box… see all those hot sausages? :D

The red parts basically show where the heat escapes from. In this case, it gives the cat a bit of a clown face!

With a different color palette, the heat areas are shown as white.

Of course, kitty has a warm cork. :3 (That’s what I call the butt of a cat, it kinda looks like a cork in a way!)

Okay, that’s it for the images for now.

If I ever decide to use a thermal camera on my cats again, I’ll be sure to share the pictures again!

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