Vintage Cow Tea Pot

Kawaii Vintage Cow Tea Pot

My parents had this really old, vintage cow tea pot that allows you to pour tea (or any other liquid; water, milk, coffee, soft drinks…) from her mouth!

This cow tea pot is approximately 40 years old. Its design gives a feeling of nostalgia, so I decided to keep it! And of course, it’s a super cute item.

It also comes with a smaller cow, but that one is unfortunately broken. As you can see in the pictures, it has some small damages.

It was quite the challenge to ship this vintage cow tea pot safely upon moving out. But I hope she will arrive in one peace! One day, I will see her again.

I’ve been doing some more research on the history of this cute cow tea pot that pours liquid from its mouth, and I see the following is often mentioned: Omnibus Fitz and Floyd Holstein Cow Teapot.

Cute Cow Tea Pot

A vintage cow tea pot in cute black and white, this cow teapot has a mouth for a spout.

Cute Cow Tea Pot

This retro cow tea pot from the 1980s / 1990s likely originates from Japan. The cute cow is wearing a yellow daisy necklace.

The milk cow sugar bowl is unfortunately damaged. After pouring tea from the mouth of the cow, you can take a sugar cube from this ceramic cow. It is designed to hold enough sugar cubes to sustain your guests!

The Omnibus OCI Fitz & Floyd Japan Black & White Holstein Milk Cow Sugar Bowl is 5 inches in diameter.

One thing is for sure, this vintage cow teapot from the 80s/90s still makes a super cute kitchen accessory!

Why You Should Have a Vintage Cow Tea Pot

You should have a vintage cow teapot because it’s not just a teapot; it’s a cute and charming addition to your kitchen that brings a touch of kawaii lifestyle to your daily tea routine. The nostalgic charm of a vintage design, coupled with the adorable cow motif, adds a delightful and unique flair to your collection.

Imagine serving tea to friends with a teapot that not only pours a delicious drink but also radiates personality, it is also a conversation starter. This vintage item is a quirky statement piece. It transforms ordinary tea time into a cute and memorable experience.

So, why settle for an ordinary teapot? A vintage cow teapot makes each cup of tea all the more special?

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