Year 2022 Wrap Up

Happy New Year 2023 with three cute dessert style cats

2022 started out tough for me, and to be quite honest, the entire year has been tough and stressful, especially the first half of the year. Now we’re rapidly approaching 2023 in just a matter of hours and I am grateful that my mom is still with me. I am also grateful for the amount of work I have been able put out and the projects I have been able to work on, despite the near constant hardships.


My hard work has paid off – I have been able to double the amount of daily visitors coming to! This mostly because I optimized and tweaked the design and navigation, and started uploading regularly on a monthly basis. With, I would say, an average of 14 updates per month.

I also decided to actively begin working on a YouTube channel featuring my cats, called Backyard Cats – and reached over 300 subscribers in just a few months!

On December 12th, experienced several hours of downtime as it reached its maximum bandwidth allocation. I fixed this the same day by upgrading my hosting package.

Future Plans

There are many projects I am excited to work on in 2023! Here are a couple of things on my to-do list:

– Of course in general, more updates for More art, mini-games, useful tips and guides and photos of everything cute!

– I am currently working hard on a new YouTube channel project, which will be a “quick quiz”: you are shown an image that gets revealed within 10 seconds. So… you have to guess it before those 10 seconds are up! All photos used in my new quiz will be taken by me, too!

– Although this project is on a low flame, I might want to use to create cute music clips and share them on my InspireMari YouTube account, with a cute semi-animated image!

– Also for my InspireMari YouTube account, I want to create Before and After short videos of my art, as well as more progress videos.

– Lastly, I want to create a game! Either a browser game or an app, but I will see if my budget allows this, as I can not program. ^_^;

Happy New Year 2023!

Thank you, each and every one of you, who visited my website, follows me or interacts with me on social media, donated via my Ko-Fi page or made a purchase through my Redbubble shop. You are all much loved and appreciated. May 2023 bring you lots of wonderful things!

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